Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Verses Antique Arts & Crafts Textiles and Linens

With the revival of the Arts and Crafts movement, antique textiles from the period have become few and far between. Generally when a period textile is found, it may have issues that could compromise its use, rendering it unpractical. For example, if the textile were placed in direct sunlight or hung in the sun to dry, the embroidery thread may have faded two to three times its original color. Or perhaps the linen was inappropriately washed leading way to worn or broken threads, and thin, brittle fabric. Fortunately several textiles, particularly ones that were created of heavier linen, and were properly stored, have withstood the test of time. Use of these textiles on a kitchen table or on a family room coffee table might perhaps be given second thought to their placement. Placing such restrictions on antique textiles and their use, does not allow for the full enjoyment of the piece or the space; an Arts and Crafts home should be welcoming and items within it functional and simple.

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